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Wrist Pain



Wrist is a complex joint which binds the 2 forearm bones, 8 wrist bones and the 5 hand bones. Wrist pain can be due to injury such as fractures or ligament injuries. Alternatively, the wrist pain can be due to wear and tear related conditions such as repetitive stress injury (RSI), painful ganglion cyst, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome.



  • Pain.

  • Swelling.

  • Stiffness.

  • Instability.

  • Pins and needles




When to see the Doctor

For acute injuries with swelling and difficulty in moving the wrist you need to see the Doctor. For persistent pain which not getting relieved with R.I.C.E therapy you need to see the Doctor.



  • Hand and wrist ergonomics

  • Protective gear

  • Treat osteoporosis

  • Prevent falls


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