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History of Sports Orthopedics

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The Ancient Olympics



The Olympic motto the Hendiatris Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger" was introduced in 1924. However, sports, athletics and physical workouts have been part of human civilization throughout our evolution. And so are the sports related injuries.

Ancient Indians, Greeks and Romans recognized the risk of injuries and tried to minimize this by yoga and therapeutic exercises. In today world, this has evolved into physiotherapy.


Sports Medicine

The Sports medicine in its present form took shape along side the modern Olympic games throughout the 20th Century. Team doctors ensuring the health, safety and top performance of elite athletes has been a common practice since 1968.

Injury Prevention


The risk of injuries can be minimized by optimum warm up and warm down exercises. The sporting and physical fitness activities need to be tailor made to each individual depending upon their prior fitness and needs.

Sports Medicine & Sports Orthopedics today!

Today sports medicine has become an extremely specialized and valued profession. This field of medicine focuses on both preventive strategies as well as rehabilitative strategies post injury. “Sports orthopedics” has recently stemmed out of sports medicine as a super-specialty managing the ligament, muscle and cartilage injuries, ranging from key-hole (arthroscopy) surgery to ligament reconstruction. The Orthopedic surgeons with special training in Sports medicine perform these advanced precision surgeries. Rehabilitation is key to get back to the level of activities and sports post surgery.

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