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Orthopedic and sports rehabilitation is a multi- disciplinary field involving Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Trainers and Doctors working closely to achive the pre-injury level of fitness and mobility for the patient. 


For most orthopedic and sports injuries, prehab is a very useful tool to help reduce the swelling, keep the muscles in good shape and condition and improve the range of movements. One of the common surgeries where prehab is used in the ACL Injury.  This has been shown to improve the post surgery outcomes and recovery. Wherever possible, the time before surgery is best utilised in prehab. 


Rehabilitation has to start early post surgery. Infact, same day physiotherapy inputs has been found to be extremely valuable. Keeping the joints above and below mobile helps a great deal in recovery of the joint on which surgery has been performed. Early muscle activation exercises wherever permissible are important for recovery. For patients with risk of post surgery stiffness, it is important to use Continous passive motion (CPM) machine. 

First phase of rehabilitation

Initial phase of rehabilitation is mainly aimed at regaining the full range of movement of the joint and improving the muscle strength. 

Second phase of rehabilitation

Once this is achieved, the next targets would be to

  • Further improvement of the muscle strength

  • Proprioception (joint and body's ability to sense movement, action, and location)

  • Landing techniques (on jumping and landing, the correct way to land to prevent further injuries)

  • Pliometrics (speed and force to improve the muscle power and function)

Third phase of rehabiliation

Functional training specific to the sports involved in. 

Fourth phase of rehabiliation

Return to active sports.

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