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Our Work

This is our effort to give back something to the society by training the young surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals to help them provide the highest standard of care to the patients. We provide this through multiple channels. We have a fellowship programme, online teaching through website, informal sessions and interactions. 

Fellowship Programme

Fellowship  Programme

The Fellowship programme is for 6 months, extendable upto 12 months for young surgeons, who are keen to learn. It is a good opportunity to assist and learn various surgical procedures. In addition, there will be ample opportunity to learn from out patient clinical assessments. 

Case Studies

Orthopedics and other surgical branches are often considered to be investigation dependent for the diagnosis. However like any other medical branch, it is extremely important to apply the 1500 grams of God Gift to calculate the probabilities and possibilities to come to the diagnosis! 

Case studies
Decision making

Surgical Decision Making

When to operate and when not to operate is an important aspect of the daily decision making for every surgeon. Through a case based study, we help the young surgeons to understand this critical aspect of their career progression.

Research & Presentations

We have been at the forefront in performing research to help bring innovation in field. Presentations at various international podiums have helped in improving the medical science.

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