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Pectoralis Muscle Repair

Pectoralis Major Muscle covers the whole one side of the chest and inserts on to the inner side of the arm bone (humerus). The tear of the muscle from its insertion is occurs typically when weightlifting - chest press - due to sudden loss of control. It is a rare injury, but causes sudden loss of power and severe pain. 


Physical examination reveals pain, weakness, change of shape of the chest contour and bruising in and around upper arm and adjacent area of the chest.

Ultrasound Scan. Ultrasound scan can help in diagnosing the tear, however the extent and retraction may not be clear on occasions.

MRI Scan. MRI Scan helps delineate the Pec tear, the extent of retraction and the status of the surrounding soft tissue.



Pectoralis Major repair Surgery


Pectoralis Major muscle repair surgery is a day care surgery. A delto-pectoral cut in the front of the shoulder is utilised to access the tear. Often the clavicular component of the Pectoralis major muscle would be intact and sternal part of that would be torn. The torn muscle is often retracted and hence needs to identified and brought back to approximate it to the pectoral groove in the humerus bone just lateral to the biceps tendon. Before fixing, the bone bed is roughened and multiple small holes with k wire are made to help better healing. Using three set of fiberwires, the muscle tendon is approximated to the bone and fixed using suture anchors. 

The suture anchors are made up of different materials

•           PEEK (high grade polymer)

•           Biocomposite (becomes bone)

•           Metal (titanium)


Pectoralis Major Repair Rehabilitation


Post-surgery, you can expect to be in a broad arm pouch supporting your arm. Rehabilitation in the form of gentle passive mobilisation is started early usually by 2nd week. Active ROM exercises are started 4 weeks post-surgery. Strengthening exercises typically start post 6 to 8 weeks. To achieve full functionality including lifting weights, you can expect it to take around 4 to 6 months.

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