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Ankle Pain

Ankle is a complex joint where 3 bones come together to form the joint. Twisting of ankle leading to ligament (rubbery structure connecting the two bones) injury is one of the common reasons for the ankle pain. Ankle pain and stiffness can affect the knee as well due to increased stress transmission to the knee.



  • Pain.

  • Swelling.

  • Stiffness.

  • Instability.



  • ATFL Ligament Injury

  • Lateral Ligament Injury

  • Deltoid Ligament Injury

  • Cartilage loss

  • Fractures around the ankle joint

  • Osteoarthritis of ankle


When to see the Doctor?

Ankle acute injury with swelling, pain and inability to bear weight needs the attention of the Doctor. Recurrent ankle twisting or persistent pain needs to be addressed by the Doctor.


Prevention of ankle pain and injuries

  • Appropriate footwear for activities

  • Appropriate care of the ankle injuries


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